Winchester Pilates, founded by Louisa Bond in April 2006, is a dedicated and fully equipped Pilates Studio offering tuition from specialist self-employed Body Control Pilates Teachers. BCP is not only one of the country’s leading training providers but also one of the first to have its course approved against the UK national standard for Pilates. All BCP qualified teachers are listed under the UK Register of Exercise Professionals as Level 3 Advanced Pilates Instructors. For more information visit Body Control Pilates ® is a registered trademark used under license.

Our team has a wealth of experience that has developed over the years: by working alongside each other, drawing on each individual teacher’s qualifications, experiences and personalities; by working in conjunction with medical professionals to establish an understanding of sound movement patterns and an ability to maintain the body with good habit; and by no means least with thanks to our lovely clients who come to us from all walks of life with their own individual needs and goals, keeping us eager to expand our knowledge and striving to achieve the best for them and ourselves.

Louisa Bond


Having worked within an administrative capacity predominantly within the Graphic Design Industry for many years, I discovered movement through necessity, too many hours sitting at desks and commuting. I trained in 1996 as a Gym Instructor and worked within Holmes Place where my interest in teaching clients good alignment, posture and correct movement patterns led me to discover Pilates and the Body Control Pilates® method.
I first qualified as a Body Control Pilates® Teacher in 2000 and worked full time in Pilates studios in both Devon and Hampshire since qualifying, working alongside Sports Therapists and Physiotherapists. I have practiced Pilates myself since 1998.
In April 2006 I opened Winchester Pilates Studio and continue to teach all levels of Pilates mat work from beginner to advanced, as well as teaching on the Pilates equipment, tailoring exercises to clients’needs. Our sedentary lifestyle stifles our movement so much and I love to watch people’s body’s unravel throughout their sessions, and their minds and body’s connect in movement.
During my 16 years as a member of the Body Control Pilates Association I was a Supervising Teacher for their training academy, responsible for the training of new Teachers, and was registered under the UK standard as Level 3 Advanced Pilates Teacher on the Register of Exercise Professionals. I also studied with the London School of Sports Massage and hold a Diploma in Sports and Remedial massage therapy although teaching Pilates and running the Studio bookings now takes over all of my time.
We all continue to learn and as part of our commitment we train regularly, consolidating our knowledge, evolving our thoughts and continuing to learn new skills. I am privileged to have attended courses written and presented by those that have studied their subject, researched for years and are thrilled to share in their knowledge. This year I am continuing to study fascia, web of connective tissue that runs throughout our body, and how we can rebalance our structure through corrective movements. The continued quest to demystify the body in order to help people to best help themselves has led to further studies in the new science of the connective tissue matrix that runs throughout out bodies. Training with Sue Hitzmann in the Melt Method has enabled us to better understand how pain becomes chronic, and how to rehydrate the whole system with a simple to follow, hands-off technique that we can teach you to do for yourselves and that will enhance the day to day you, and your Pilates!


Nikky Godfrey


I have been working at the studio since 2006 and teach both mat work classes and in the Studio. My classes range from beginners with injuries or health problems to advanced classical mat work. I am qualified to teach on all the studio equipment, including the Core Align, the newest and most functional piece of Pilates equipment.
As well as working on my Pilates knowledge I wanted to increase my clinical understanding of why people suffer pain and how we can help, and in 2012 I completed a Masters degree in Osteopathy. Continuing my studies, I am currently working towards a PhD, researching aspects of how Pilates may benefit chronic low back pain. In addition, I am part of a research team developing a large scale research project for Pilates and back pain.
I specialise in teaching 1-2-1’s to those with back pain or other specific problems, and have undertaken specialist courses to blend my clinical knowledge with Pilates. These include the Pink Ribbon Programme for post-operative breast cancer survivors, Pilates for Multiple Sclerosis and back pain rehabilitation.
I’m also a Supervising Teacher for Body Control Pilates, helping student teachers through their training. My love of teaching has led me to have completed a professional teaching qualification too, and I am a lecturer, module leader and examiner to undergraduate Osteopathic students.


Nick Proudfoot


I studied Goju Ryu, a traditional form of Karate for five years gaining my Black Belt. Goju Ryu focuses an emphasis on strength, conditioning and fluid movements in disciplined Kata (choreographed fighting sequences). I also practiced and enjoyed Kobudo an ancient weapon system from Okinawa and have a keen interest in all forms of Martial Arts. At the Studio I am lucky enough to be able to attend Shotokan Karate on a weekly basis. 
I spend as much of my spare time as possible rock climbing indoors as well as outdoors, weather permitting and whenever time allows enjoy scrambling and fell walking too both in Wales, Cumbria and Scotland.
 I first practised Pilates here at the Winchester Pilates Studio, and have found that Pilates has helped to rebalance my body, building good postural awareness and strength to my centre, to allow me to continue to enjoy doing the things I love most. 
I have trained with Body Control Pilates in both mat and machine work and teach both mat class and Studio machine work sessions. Over the past two years I have trained with a Balanced Body Master Teacher on the Core Align from beginner to advanced level and I enjoy working with clients in the more functional upright environment that the Core Align offers, promoting awareness, flexibility and strength. I have been privileged to train with Michael Watson and James Earle’s in the Anatomy Trains and the study of myofascial release, Gil Hedley and the exploration of fascia through dissection, and have recently embarked upon a hands off treatment that I can teach my clients with Sue Hitzmann who developed the Melt Method.


Dominique Dean


I have been teaching Pilates since 2010, but have been practising Pilates since 2003.
I first encountered Pilates through ballet and found it incredibly helpful for body awareness, injury prevention and focus. I developed an interest in how the method could help to rehabilitate from injuries and also aid in preventing back/body issues in everyone’s lives, so trained with Body Control Pilates, gaining many of my teaching hours here at Winchester Pilates.
I teach mat work classes from beginners upwards as well as private sessions, incorporating small equipment to enhance the lessons and create better body awareness whilst also improving overall movement patterns. I am interested in teaching functional movement that people can use in their everyday lives and believe in making each session belong to the client, looking at each person as an individual.
I continue to attend regular courses in London in areas that interest me in order to further my knowledge, enabling me to pass this on through my teaching and am looking forward to working within the Studio and machine work environment building on my most recent Reformer course.
I enjoy rock climbing and surfing in my free time and I put my Pilates knowledge into use for both.

Sam Parsons


Having spent 20 years as an equine specialist coach and trainer, and 10 years practicing Pilates, in 2015 I trained with Body Control Pilates to become a qualified Pilates Teacher.
I have always been interested in health and fitness, and after years of high intensity training turned to Pilates as the best way to maintain my own levels of performance.
Pilates became the centerpiece of my training, helping me achieve far greater awareness of my own body, maintaining a toned body, improving my focus, avoiding injury and improving my overall performance.
As well as my love for Pilates, I have successfully ridden horses professionally, competing up to international level. I have gained most pleasure from teaching all age groups on ponies and horses, concentrating on the link between horse and rider.
I am in the process of training to become an Equipilates Affiliated Instructor, and a Equipilates Biomechanics Trainer, to help further improve the performance of both horses and riders, overcoming common biomechanical restrictions.
Pilates has given me the pleasure to help not just high-level athletes, but also those seeking to enhance their quality of life and sense of wellbeing, offering a range of exercises tailored to their individual needs.

Anneli McCullagh


I spent a decade living in different countries and environments, doing international marketing and later studying and gaining a BSc in Physiotherapy, and went on to have my two children. I moved back to the UK with my family and decided on changing from rehabilitation towards prevention of injury, and what better way of doing so than with Pilates? I had already tried Pilates in the early 1990’s at Pineapple Studios in London, and loved it. I qualified as a Matwork Teacher at Body Control Pilates in June 2009. Since then, I have had the pleasure of working as a Pilates teacher in teams of clinical staff as well as with yoga teachers, and enjoyed teaching Pilates to a wide range of different people. I am very much looking forward to now gaining more studio teaching experience at Winchester Pilates, and to working with the loyal clients here. In addition to the studio work, I am also learning more about how Pilates benefits scoliosis, as well as about hypermobility. What I particularly like about Pilates is the functionality of applying Pilates principles to everyday activities and life – whether it is focusing on a long, efficient stride when out for a dog walk or producing more glide with each stroke when going for a swim. I have just recently taken up golf, and will apply Pilates to help improve my golf game too!

Hannah Plom


I discovered Pilates in 1997, when a class began in the local village hall that my Mum wanted to go to. Those classes weren’t anything like the Pilates I know and love today, but started me on my Pilates journey. I began classes with a Body Control Pilates teacher in 2003, and haven’t looked back since. Having experienced lower back pain in my past life as a Librarian, I soon realised the importance of spinal mobilisation. More recently, my rehabilitation from hip surgery, and my continuing battle with arthritic hips, has reinforced the healing and strengthening powers of Pilates to me. I decided to train as a Pilates teacher so that I could share the benefits, and my love, of Pilates with others.

I began my teacher training at the prestigious Body Control Pilates Centre in London in 2010, and now hold the Level 3 Pilates Teacher status with the Register of Exercise Professionals. I regularly attend continued professional development courses, and utilise the full range of small equipment within my matwork classes and private sessions. I also hold a Level 3 award in Designing Pilates Programmes for Bone Health, and the BCP “Teaching on the Reformer” qualification. I have loved learning more about teaching on the bigger studio equipment and I am also currently studying for the Level 4 Low Back Pain Specialist Qualification and a new Level 4 Certificate in Instructing Applied Pilates Mat Work, which includes focus on special populations such as Pre and Post-natal groups, older people and children.

Away from Pilates, I enjoy reading, visiting zoos (the Flamingo’s are my favourite), and playing my flute with a concert band and Flautissimo, the Southampton Flute Orchestra. I live in Chandlers Ford with my partner, and our 2 cats.

Helen Barker


I was a commercial property surveyor for 20yrs and a combination of long hours driving and sitting at as desk led to back issues. My chiropractor suggested Pilates, so I attended one to one sessions on the reformer and quickly saw the benefits that Pilates offers. Having spent 8 years of my childhood as a ballet dancer I have good body awareness and once my core strength had developed, I was keen to progress and learn more.

In April 2016 I was made redundant which offered the perfect opportunity for a career change. I decided to qualify as a Pilates teacher at the London studio of Body Control Pilates (BCP). Part of my training involved practical teaching at Winchester Pilates. I¹m pleased to say the team spotted I had a passion for teaching and a nice manner. It is from this humble beginning that I now find myself as a Winchester Pilates teacher.

In addition to my BCP qualification I am fully trained to teach on the Core Align equipment. It is my objective to make any new client feel welcome, to see them achieve their objectives, to challenge their ability and most importantly to have fun.

Away from Pilates my passion is enjoying good food and wine to counter balance this I participate in Triathlons, open water swimming, long distance cycling and skiing.

Robyn Sharpe

Soft Tissue Massage Therapist

I studied at the London School of Sport and Remedial Massage, gaining a BTEC Level 5 Professional Diploma in Clinical Sport and Remedial Massage Therapy.

I’ve most recently worked full time at Southampton FC as a soft tissue therapist to the First Team. Working within the Premier League has given me a unique insight to elite sport and elite athletes, learning first-hand how to deal with different injuries and adapt treatments to suit.

Alongside this I have continued to run my own clinic and volunteered at events such as the Bournemouth Sevens Rugby Tournament and the Fleet Half Marathon. However, I also understand that you don’t have to be involved within a sport to benefit from a soft tissue massage. Our working environments and day-to-day activities can put a lot of strain and pressure on our bodies and as a result our postures can become affected and aches, pains and restrictions can occur. These are all things that can be managed and improved with soft tissue massage.

I have a varied ‘toolbox’ of techniques consisting of but not limited to; Medical Acupuncture, Myofascial Cupping, Fascia Tooling and Kinesio taping. These can be used with anyone to help improve their lifestyle and wellbeing. A typical treatment consists of an assessment to determine whether soft tissue therapy is appropriate and devising a suitable treatment plan for you. I will then go onto use a range of soft tissue techniques and my ‘toolbox’ where appropriate to improve soft tissue condition and joint mobility along with any recovery from injury. Then finally, rehabilitation, this is where I will offer any advice, light exercises etc. to help improve your comfort and situation.

As a progression in my career and knowledge regarding movement and biomechanics, I am currently studying Matwork Pilates with the ambition to move into studio based equipment. This twinned with my working knowledge as a soft tissue therapist I hope to offer a hands on solution to rehabilitation, injury prevention and functional movement.

I’m always looking to challenge myself, I hold a First degree black belt in Kickboxing and I love strength and conditioning training, I’ve climbed Mount Kilimanjaro, completed the 24hr three peak challenge and rode the London to Brighton bike ride, as well as numerous other running events.

Here’s a little more information on the the types of treatment I do and why:

Myofascial Cupping

Helps to to release the body’s Myofascial tissue using vacuum cupping. With benefits such as: reducing muscle tightness and adhesions more commonly known as ‘knots’, increase blood flow to help aid repair of damaged tissue and it can help to increase range of movement in joints.

Dry Needling/Medical Acupuncture

It acts by stimulating the nervous system and is used to treat musculoskeletal pain and myofascial trigger points. Medical acupuncture is a western adaptation of Chinese acupuncture using current knowledge of anatomy, physiology and pathology.

Helps with: Chronic pain such as neck and back pain, headaches, muscle and joint pain.

Kinesio taping

By gently lifting the skin Kinesio tape helps to increases space and allow a decrease in inflammation, reducing pressure while enabling a more effective flow of blood and lymphatic fluid in and out of the taped area.

Kinesio Tape can be applied in many ways and has the ability to re-educate the neuromuscular system, reduce inflammation, prevent injury and promote good circulation and healing. It helps relieve muscle tension, soreness and fatigue felt in the muscle, it can also be used to reduce cramping and aid joint correction.

Fascia Tooling

Fascia tooling is an instrument-assisted, soft tissue mobilization therapy. It is beneficial in breaking up fascial restrictions and scar tissue adhesions. Fascia tooling has been known to help conditions such as a cervical strain, tennis elbow and golfer’s elbow, lumbar strain, rotator cuff tendinosis, and achilles tendinosis.