We have reviewed the Government guidelines and determined the most COVID-secure approach to a phased reopening, with consideration to the safety of both our clients and teachers alike. Our collective health has been paramount in the decision making process and with the backing of Winchester City Council (our Landlord), we hope to unveil our plans soon. Please keep an eye on your email inbox in the coming weeks.

In today’s world with the frenetic pace, the constant demands on our bodies and the physical and mental stresses of every day life, it is so important to find some space and time. How often do we really focus on ourselves? Pilates is a means to focus the mind and body and to help find a way to manage, through good movement, to redress some of those imbalances.

Winchester Pilates in Winchester, Hampshire, provides a dedicated, comfortable and relaxing space in the heart of the City where you can come and be guided through controlled movements, learn how to recognise the impacts daily life places upon your body and to actively participate in redressing the balance. You should leave feeling calmer, taller, more mobile, energised or relaxed dependent on your needs, and most importantly yourself again.

We offer: One to One sessions, Studio small group sessions, Reformer Duets, Pilates Mat classes, Power Pilates classes and Melt Method classes.

About Pilates

Pilates is a movement based therapy most commonly likened to Yoga and the Alexander technique. Pilates differs however by virtue of the concentrated mind and body connection, and is not meditative.

What to expect

Pilates often works well in conjunction with other forms of complementary and physical therapy, and is positively recognised as a form of self help in rehabilitation and pain management focussing on a functional approach to joint stability.