Q. What happens if I cancel the wrong date?
A. If you accidentally cancel the wrong date from class go straight to ‘Take Up’ and claim that space back (you will be reinstated in class provided that no-one else has booked it in the meantime – so don’t delay).

Q. I want to post a Swap as a Holiday but it’s less than one week’s notice from my class?
A. In accordance with our Holiday & Absence policy you must give one full week’s notice to take up a Holiday. ClassSwap does not recognise this notice period but your teacher does, and will decline requests even if ClassSwap accepts them.

Q. I can’t get to class, and it won’t let me cancel as it’s less than 2 hours before the start?
A. ClassSwap has a cut-off of 2 hours before class in accordance with the Holiday & Absence Policy and won’t let you cancel a class with less than 2 hours before it starts. As a courtesy to your teacher and other clients in class, please email or text your teacher directly and let them know that you won’t make it, so that the correct number of mats can be set up.

Q. The class I want to Take Up isn’t showing, how do I go on a waitlist?
A. If a course that you wish to attend is full you can add yourself to the waiting list and will be notified if a space becomes available. To do this go to ‘Courses’ and click on ‘more info’ for the course you are interested in. From their click on ‘join the waiting list for this course’ at the bottom of the screen.

Q. What if I claim a Holiday in the future and then cancel it, can I have my space in class back?
A. Yes, provided no-one else has taken your space. To do this go to ‘Take up’ and select the relevant course and date.

Q. What happens if I book a Swap but can’t attend and still have more than 2 hours before class, can I cancel?
A. Yes, you just need to cancel it and the Post (Swap) will be made available for someone else to Take Up and you will be credited with a Swap.

Q. What happens if I have scheduled a Swap but won’t make it and it’s less than 2 hours before the class starts?
A. Unfortunately you won’t be able to cancel the Take Up and will lose that class, but as a courtesy should let the teacher know you won’t be there.

Q. What happens if I am sick?
A. If you are ill please notify your teacher via email, and cancel your class in Post a Swap. Your absence due to illness will remain as a swap on the system for to take up in the next 12 weeks, against another class of a similar level.

Q. I have a swap to take up but want to attend a class that is a higher level than my normal class?
A. ClassSwap sets compatibility between classes, so all available swaps for you personally will be in a class at the same level or below, however with the agreement of your teacher, we do have a work around for situations like this. Please email your teacher direct and they will organise this for you.

Q. What happens if I am long term ill or will be taking an extended holiday, what do I do if I want to keep my reservation in class?
A. Please talk directly to your teacher and between you formulate a plan.

Q. I no longer want to attend my reserved Class but do want to attend another?
A. If you want to permanently remove yourself from a class that you are reserved in, then you will need to cancel your reservation, which can be found at the bottom of the course details. If you have classes remaining, you should also cancel these, and you will be issued swaps. You should also email your teacher as a courtesy and let them know so that the space can be allocated to someone else.

Q. Why do I have to enrol for 12 weeks, when I am only paying for 5 or 10 classes?
A. ClassSwap is a diary and we have programmed it in 12 week blocks so that you can plan ahead. There is no obligation to attend those dates that you enrol into and should you leave class at the end of your payment block your remaining sessions will simply be cancelled by us.

Q. I want to book a holiday and have cancelled the class on the week I am away in Post a Swap, how do I allocate this as a holiday?
A. Go to Take Up a Swap and scroll down the list of dates until you find the Holiday Allocation for your teacher on the Saturday date in the week of your holiday, based on the calendar week Sunday to Saturday. Click on claim next to the appropriate Saturday date eg. if your class is on any day in week commencing 12th August, you would Take Up a Swap in Saturday 17th August.

If you wish to permanently join a new class, please speak to your teacher and/or email info@winchesterpilates.co.uk.