Winchester Pilates, founded by Louisa Bond in April 2006, is a dedicated and fully equipped Pilates Studio offering tuition from specialist self-employed Body Control Pilates Teachers. BCP is not only one of the country’s leading training providers but also one of the first to have its course approved against the UK national standard for Pilates. All BCP qualified teachers are listed under the UK Register of Exercise Professionals as Level 3 Advanced Pilates Instructors. For more information visit Body Control Pilates ® is a registered trademark used under license.

Our team has a wealth of experience that has developed over the years: by working alongside each other, drawing on each individual teacher’s qualifications, experiences and personalities; by working in conjunction with medical professionals to establish an understanding of sound movement patterns and an ability to maintain the body with good habit; and by no means least with thanks to our lovely clients who come to us from all walks of life with their own individual needs and goals, keeping us eager to expand our knowledge and striving to achieve the best for them and ourselves.

Louisa Bond


More about Louisa

Having worked within an administrative capacity predominantly within the Graphic Design Industry for many years, I discovered movement through necessity, too many hours sitting at desks and commuting. I trained in 1996 as a Gym Instructor and worked within Holmes Place where my interest in teaching clients good alignment, posture and correct movement patterns led me to discover Pilates and the Body Control Pilates® method.
I first qualified as a Body Control Pilates® Teacher in 2000 and worked full time in Pilates studios in both Devon and Hampshire since qualifying, working alongside Sports Therapists and Physiotherapists. I have practiced Pilates myself since 1998.
In April 2006 I opened Winchester Pilates Studio and continue to teach all levels of Pilates mat work from beginner to advanced, as well as teaching on the Pilates equipment, tailoring exercises to clients’needs. Our sedentary lifestyle stifles our movement so much and I love to watch people’s body’s unravel throughout their sessions, and their minds and body’s connect in movement.
During my 16 years as a member of the Body Control Pilates Association I was a Supervising Teacher for their training academy, responsible for the training of new Teachers, and was registered under the UK standard as Level 3 Advanced Pilates Teacher on the Register of Exercise Professionals. I also studied with the London School of Sports Massage and hold a Diploma in Sports and Remedial massage therapy although teaching Pilates and running the Studio bookings now takes over all of my time.
We all continue to learn and as part of our commitment we train regularly, consolidating our knowledge, evolving our thoughts and continuing to learn new skills. I am privileged to have attended courses written and presented by those that have studied their subject, researched for years and are thrilled to share in their knowledge.


Nick Proudfoot


More about Nick

I studied Goju Ryu, a traditional form of Karate for five years gaining my Black Belt. Goju Ryu focuses an emphasis on strength, conditioning and fluid movements in disciplined Kata (choreographed fighting sequences). I also practiced and enjoyed Kobudo an ancient weapon system from Okinawa and have a keen interest in all forms of Martial Arts. At the Studio I am lucky enough to be able to attend Shotokan Karate on a weekly basis. 
I spend as much of my spare time as possible rock climbing indoors as well as outdoors, weather permitting and whenever time allows enjoy scrambling and fell walking too both in Wales, Cumbria and Scotland.
 I first practised Pilates here at the Winchester Pilates Studio, and have found that Pilates has helped to rebalance my body, building good postural awareness and strength to my centre, to allow me to continue to enjoy doing the things I love most. 
I have trained with Body Control Pilates in both mat and machine work and teach both mat class and Studio machine work sessions. Over the past two years I have trained with a Balanced Body Master Teacher on the Core Align from beginner to advanced level and I enjoy working with clients in the more functional upright environment that the Core Align offers, promoting awareness, flexibility and strength. I have been privileged to train with Michael Watson and James Earle’s in the Anatomy Trains and the study of myofascial release, Gil Hedley and the exploration of fascia through dissection, and have recently embarked upon a hands off treatment that I can teach my clients with Sue Hitzmann who developed the Melt Method.


Sam Parsons


More about Sam

Having spent 20 years as an equine specialist coach and trainer, and 10 years practicing Pilates, in 2015 I trained with Body Control Pilates to become a qualified Pilates Teacher.
I have always been interested in health and fitness, and after years of high intensity training turned to Pilates as the best way to maintain my own levels of performance.
Pilates became the centerpiece of my training, helping me achieve far greater awareness of my own body, maintaining a toned body, improving my focus, avoiding injury and improving my overall performance.
As well as my love for Pilates, I have successfully ridden horses professionally, competing up to international level. I have gained most pleasure from teaching all age groups on ponies and horses, concentrating on the link between horse and rider.
I am in the process of training to become an Equipilates Affiliated Instructor, and a Equipilates Biomechanics Trainer, to help further improve the performance of both horses and riders, overcoming common biomechanical restrictions.
Pilates has given me the pleasure to help not just high-level athletes, but also those seeking to enhance their quality of life and sense of wellbeing, offering a range of exercises tailored to their individual needs.

Anneli McCullagh


More about Anneli

I trained in Pilates following a previous path of marketing and a BSc in Physiotherapy. I had moved back to the UK with my family and decided on changing from rehabilitation towards prevention of injury – I had already tried Pilates in the early 1990’s at Pineapple Studios in London, and loved it. In June 2009 I qualified with Body Control Pilates, and since then I have had the pleasure of working with a huge range of different people. What I particularly like about Pilates is the functionality: how the Pilates principles you learn during your time at the Studio can be taken out of the Studio and be applied to all other activities in life.

Helen Barker


More about Helen

I was a commercial property surveyor for c.20yrs and a combination of long hours driving and sitting at a desk led to back issues. My Chiropractor suggested Pilates, so I attended one to one sessions on the Reformer and quickly saw the benefits that Pilates offers. Having spent 8 years of my childhood as a ballet dancer I have good body awareness and once my core strength had developed, I was keen to progress and learn more.

In April 2016 I was made redundant, which offered the perfect opportunity for a career change. Inspired by my experience with Pilates and an interest in sport and movement, I decided to qualify as a Pilates teacher at the London studio of Body Control Pilates (BCP). Part of my training involved practical teaching at Winchester Pilates, and I am pleased to say that the team spotted I had a passion for teaching and a nice manner. It is from this humble beginning that I now find myself as a Winchester Pilates teacher and loving every moment of being a part of the team.

It is great to be able to learn from the wealth of experience and knowledge that Louisa, Nikky and Nick have to offer. To be able to bounce ideas around, question learning and therefore be able to offer more than just exercises to our clients.

In addition to my BCP qualification I am fully trained to teach on the Core Align equipment and working my way through all the other studio equipment qualifications.

It is my objective to make any new client feel welcome, to see them achieve their objectives, to challenge their ability, to teach them good functional movement and most importantly to have fun.

Away from Pilates my passion is enjoying good food and wine and to counterbalance this I participate in Triathlons, open water swimming, long distance cycling and skiing.

Michaela Doran


More about Michaela

I was introduced to Pilates at the age of 13 while undergoing my ballet training at London Junior Ballet, and understood that Pilates was beneficial to peoples’ physical needs. I recommended it to my Mum who then went on to become a qualified Body Control Pilates Teacher.

After many years of intense ballet training my dancing journey changed route and, when I was 18, I decided to continue my training in Contemporary dance. I trained at the Laban Conservatoire in London where I gained a BA (Hon) in Dance Theatre. A couple of years after graduating I moved to NYC to further my training at the Martha Graham Dance School where I completed the Teachers’ Training Program in Graham Technique.  Here, in NYC as well as in England, I also danced professionally as a freelancer for various different companies and independent choreographers.

On returning home from NYC in 2015 I trained and subsequently qualified with Body Control Pilates. I found that this specific method of movement was the perfect remedy for various injuries that I had acquired through my dance training!  I began teaching my own classes shortly after but then had a brief break from teaching whilst completing an MA in Dance Performance. During my Masters I combined my knowledge and interests in teaching both Graham technique and Pilates to research the connections between these two movement techniques. Although I have now completed my studies, my research continues through my interests on both a personal level and during teaching.

When I’m not teaching Pilates or dance, I instruct Indoor Cycling classes and enjoy aerial hoop in my free time.

Cath Pettifor


More about Cath

I started teaching exercise to music classes in 1998, before discovering Pilates in 2001. I  qualified to become a matwork teacher with Body Control Pilates in 2002, I am also studio equipment trained. I still love the flow and group energy of teaching mat classes, but I also love the resistance variation and fine tuning gained, when teaching on the studio equipment.
I have taught in the UK, Australia and New Zealand, in a variety of settings, from physiotherapists to pure Pilates studios.
In a nutshell, I love lifting someone’s day, with a class or session, which is core to the way I teach.
Gemma Pearson


More about Gemma

Gemma has spent the last 10 years working as a professional dancer, after graduating from the prestigious Urdang Academy in London she went on to work in various productions across Europe.

After life on land Gemma was given the opportunity to travel the world and dance on 6* luxury cruise liners such as Silver Sea, Regent Seven Seas and most recently Crystal Cruises. She has always used Pilates to maintain and improve her technique, on and off stage, and 4 years ago she gained her level 3 mat qualification.

Gemma has spent a year training with Pilates elite Alan Herdman, specialising in rehabilitation and injury prevention on all Pilates equipment. She believes that movement is the most powerful tool we have to lead a healthy lifestyle. Her ethos is to help you fall in love with mindful movement, getting you to think about what you’re moving and why. Whether that’s being able to bend down and pull on your shoes, crawl around after your grand-kids or even smash 5 HIIT classes a week.

Whatever the goal, Gemma is here to help and to share with you her passion for Pilates and the wonders it can do for your physical and mental health. Gemma is thrilled to be joining Winchester Pilates and working with the fantastic team to continue growing as a teacher and expanding her knowledge.