Every now and again we ask our clients what they think about us!

I thought the treatment with Robyn was fantastic. I have tried a lot of things to help my back issue over the years and had good, bad and indifferent experiences, highly rate what Robyn is doing.

Alan Murchison

“Bad back? You have found the answer! Winchester Pilates has stopped my backache and allowed me to continue doing a very physical job without pain. I cannot recommend Pilates strongly enough to anybody who is struggling with lower back pain….fantastic!”

Simon Scott

Since I joined Winchester Pilates as a complete beginner over 5 years ago, I have always been supported, encouraged and gently corrected to help me improve. Much to my surprise (I would not describe myself as at all “sporty”) I now feel at home in the Advanced class. Pilates is a ‘can’t miss’ point in the week, and the only exercise where I am willing to get off the train after working in London all day, and go straight to class. Why? Because I always come away feeling more positive, calm and relaxed. I am also stronger, more flexible and have a much flatter stomach as a positive side effect!

Susan Millin

Pilates sets me up for the week, leaving me feeling limber and relaxed. If I miss a week I immediately notice stiffness and back pain. It is a real necessity for me!!

Marie-Louise Johnson

I look forward to Monday evenings when I can take time out for myself within a relaxing environment focussing on my core strength, flexibility and sometimes stability! I began classes with the usual aches and pains of getting older and have found an incredible difference to my backaches and find I have an all round increased feeling of well being. Thank you!

Gill Rhodes

I have been coming to Pilates for just over a year and I really enjoy it. I used to get all sorts of aches and pains from my job but because my posture has improved I hardly get any. It’s great to have an hour a week to myself to relax and exercise.


I have very much enjoyed my experience so far. I am sure it has helped me unlock my body and improve stability both of which have helped with my new sailing challenges. The classes feel like a sort of oasis of calm to which I look forward each week although I usually leave feeling pretty stretched! I really appreciate the gentle and insightful help from the teachers. Thank you. 

Peter Wilcock

The studio classes have a totally professional and expert feel to them. You always feel like an individual even within the small group. Instructors are friendly, pay attention to detail and provide encouragement without being overly critical – these are the best classes I have ever attended. 

Eleanor Read

Due to working away from home I have experienced several different Pilates classes and studios. I am so glad I can come back to Winchester as it has the best facilities and teachers I have experienced. 

Debbie Hartman

I have been taking Studio lessons for some time now; under Louisa’s expert eye and encouragement, I have progressed to a level of body awareness and ease of movement that I could never have imagined.

I recently started to supplement this with Nick’s MELT class.  Nick’s passion for the Method is infectious and under his tuition I have felt instant results during the class.  I feel that the techniques I am learning are equipping me to make long-term benefits to my health and wellbeing.

Lynn Simpson